Blackberry Faux-jitos


Every once in awhile, I love me a good mocktail. If you’re pregnant, or hosting someone’s baby shower, or just want something light and refreshing without the alcohol, these non-alcoholic blackberry mojitos are pretty amazing! Also, since they’re made exactly like regular mojitos, all you need is to add a little rum for your non-preggo friends.

INGREDIENTS (for 1 mojito – multiply accordingly):

_ 10 fresh mint leaves

_ 1/2 a lime, quartered

_ 2 tbsp sugar (or to taste)

_ 5 blackberries

_ 1 cup of ice cubes

_ 1/2 cup of club soda (or whatever it takes to fill the glass)

(optional: 1 1/2 oz of white rum to take it from faux to mo)

** useful tool = muddler – otherwise, the wrong end of a wooden spoon would work great!


Add mint leaves, lime, sugar, and blackberries to glass and muddle until everything’s all blended up and squished to release the mint oils, as well as blackberry and lime juices. Fill the glass with ice and then to the top with club soda. If you’re fancy and have a bar shaker, pour into that and give a good shake – otherwise pouring back and forth a couple times into a slightly larger glass than the one you made your mojito in will do – you just want to get everything mixed together evenly so your good stuff isn’t all trapped under your ice. Taste. Add more sugar if necessary. Garnish with lime wedge or extra mint leaves. Enjoy!