fall date night

Fall bucket list item #5

I’m a huge homebody and even before having Emma, I enjoyed planning a little date night at home. But, now with Emma, it’s definitely the best option. The last time we went out on an actual date, it didn’t go so well. My amazing sister was watching her, but it was the first time someone who isn’t us put her to bed and luckily we got home just a few minutes later because Emma was sobbing hysterically – the, biggest, saddest, “where’s my family!” tears you’ve ever seen and my sister was completely traumatized by how upset her beloved niece was on her watch. It took an hour to calm Emma back down and Kristen is still upset. Sooooooo…. a date night at home sounds perfect for everybody!

Here are my ingredients for a perfect, cozy, Fall date-night in the living room:

1. Get dressed up. This is the main point of date night at home in my book. On a normal day, I feel pretty disheveled – hair in a messy bun because Emma will grab and pull it otherwise, clothes that I don’t mind getting dirty and can throw in the wash a million times, little to no makeup – you get it. It’s not pretty. And I want my husband to see me looking pretty at least once in awhile! So, I’d want to do my hair, put on makeup, and wear a dress that’s cute, but still perfectly comfortable for curling up on the couch. Which brings me to this little Rachel Pally number. It’s perfect.

(Side note: I’m obsessed with caftans – they’re really all I ever want to wear for the rest of my life – so you’ll probably see a bunch of them featured on here. Especially since I just had a baby 7 months ago and I’m going to have another baby in 4 months. But, regardless, even before I got pregnant with Emma, I preferred my clothes on the baggier side – my spirit animal is an Olsen twin – and even though my most fashionable friend tried to convince me to buy clothes that “fit”, I just can’t do it!)

2. Set the mood with this Pommes Frites candle in “spruce”. It’s so perfect this time of year & definitely one of my most favorite scented candles I’ve ever purchased. They have another scent called “campfire” that I haven’t tried yet, but that might also be an excellent choice for your November date night in the living room…

3. Make some apple cider because it’s warm and delicious. Obviously.

4. What could be more perfectly Fall and romantic than curling up under this amazing blanket??

Not pictured: Netflix and a delicious dinner being delivered. Because cooking is for date nights before you have kids.