Homemade Mulling Spices


Fall bucket list item #8

Starting around Thanksgiving and going up until Christmas, my mom always has the most delicious mulling spices simmering on the stove and the whole house smells amazing! She buys these from Williams Sonoma, but I thought I’d try my hand at making my own blend from scratch. And, you guys, it was a huge success! This is SO GOOD and so easy!! You probably have most of these ingredients already. In fact, my husband came home and the first thing he said was “It smells like Christmas in New Jersey in here!” (my parents live in New Jersey). Also, the Vons delivery guy just came with my groceries (side note: any moms out there reading this, if there is a grocery store near you that will let you order online and then they deliver – sign up immediately!!) and he walked in and said “It smells great in here! It smells like Fall!” So, there you have it folks.



_ cinnamon sticks

_ bay leaves

_ orange slices

_ whole cloves

_ dried rosemary

_ a few drops of vanilla extract

– apple cider


Combine dry ingredients – this “recipe” is really loose – you can adjust however you feel, but I probably used about 10 bay leaves, an entire little jar of cinnamon sticks, 1/3 of a jar of cloves, 3 orange slices, and maybe 2 tablespoons of rosemary. Then you put it all in a pot, cover the dry ingredients with cider – I filled the pot a little less than halfway. Add a few drops of vanilla extract. Bring it to a boil, then reduce to a simmer and enjoy. The liquid will evaporate over time and you can just keep adding more cider, or what I’ve been doing is adding water since there’s already some cider left, and that seems to work just as well.