I found this idea on Pinterest recently and thought Emma might love it! I worry that Emma’s been getting a little bored lately since I’m 37 weeks pregnant and having a tough time getting around and playing the way I used to. It’s become really hard for me to even take her on walks because my back hurts so badly – so I got really excited to try a brand new indoor activity that would break up our routine a little!



The “paint” is made from plain greek yogurt and some kool-aid for color. So, it washes out of everything really easily and is safe if she puts any of it in her mouth! It was really fun and I got in there and painted with her. She didn’t really like getting her hands dirty, but seemed to enjoy using her feet! We didn’t keep the painting afterwards as it’s made from food so I’m not sure how well it would hold up or if it would attract bugs – it was more just about the experience. 🙂




_ plain greek yogurt

_ kool-aid or food coloring

_ poster board

_ an old blanket or towels or something to put underneath to keep clean up as easy as possible

_ a play yard (optional but recommended) – I liked being able to confine her to a smaller space as she got covered in “paint” and I didn’t want her to crawl off onto the rugs or furniture.


Combine about 1/2 a cup of yogurt with kool-aid or food coloring. Start with just a little of the coloring and keep mixing and adding more until you get a color you like. Put a few spoonfuls on the poster board and let baby have fun and get super messy!!