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While I’m recovering and spending some quality time with baby Steven, my friend Jordana from Cocktails for Breakfast put together this post for you guys. It looks so delicious!! Thanks Jordana! xo

From Jordana:

I am so thrilled to do a little guest posting for Jen while she’s out on maternity leave!  Those little ones of hers are the most adorable, no!?

I actually happen to be expecting myself.   And I happen to be obsessed with cocktails.  Just because there’s a baby on board, doesn’t mean I’ve suddenly changed my mind on the cocktail front.  I miss tequila.  That’s the one thing I haven’t been able to find an appropriate substitute for and I’m counting down the days until I sip on a tequila & fresh lime juice on a blanket in my front yard.

But in the mean time, I’m finding some good mixtures that still make me feel like my old self.   This one, with blood orange & mint hits the spot and I could drink it all day long!   It is heaven!   I’m sure if you wanted to throw in a shot of, well, almost anything, it would be delicious too.  But if you’re laying off the booze too, or just sitting at your desk and it’s noon and wanted something amazing to sip on, this will hit the spot.

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Blood Orange & Mint Mocktail


Blood Orange Juice



Izze Blackberry Sparkling Water


Make a simple syrup.  Add equal parts blood orange juice & sugar to a saucepan and heat until the sugar dissolves, just a few minutes.  Add mint while it cools.  You can make as much or as little as you want of the simple syrup.  I just wanted to try for the one drink, so I used 1/4 cup juice, a 1/4 cup sugar and five mint leaves.  You can add more mint if you like it minty, or less if you don’t.  As long as the sugar & juice is in equal parts, you could make vats of the stuff.

Add 2 oz of the simple syrup to a glass filled with ice, top with blackberry sparkling water.  Garnish with mint & blood orange slices.   Enjoy!

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  2. Ohh, I could sip a few of these right now!