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I’m actually so excited for Emma and her little brother to share a room! My sister and I always had our own rooms growing up, which was great, but there’s something about the shared bedroom (especially since they’ll be so close in age – 11 months apart) that I think sounds so fun – it’s like a permanent sleepover!! Baby #2 will sleep in our room for probably the first 5 or 6 months in a little bedside bassinet and then we’ll get him a crib to match Emma’s and move him into the nursery… And then they’ll be best friends forever and never fight! Right??


  1. Megan

    RIGHT!!!! Love the idea of littles sharing a room! I always wished I had shared a room with my sis growing up! Love you friend!

  2. Love the vintage sofa in front of the fireplace. My son has an old fireplace in his bedroom and I’ve never thought to put anything in front. Oh so many options now!!!

    Vari x