chatbooks-1-2chatbooks-2I hope everyone had a great weekend! I just wanted to tell you about something I’m having a ton of fun with at the moment. I recently downloaded the Chatbooks app onto my phone. It’s really cool because you can sign up for a service where you link it to your Instagram account and every 60 images you post, they’ll automatically make a 6×6″ book for $6 (the price is going up to $8 soon, but if you sign up in the next 6 weeks or so the $6 rate will be grandfathered in for the next 2 years!) and ship it to you. You can also create custom books really easily. I have a private photo stream on my phone that friends and family are invited to and where I post a ton of photos of the kids. We all love the stream so much that I got it printed and made a bunch of copies. I’m a professional photographer and I still take 90% of the photos of my kids with my iphone & I love that this is such a simple and fast way to get them into my house/hands/real life.

You’ve got to get your photos off your computers and phones or you’ll lose them or never look at them again – get your photos printed! Even if it’s just your instagram photos – it’s perfect for busy parents because you sign up and then never have to think about it again – books will just start arriving. I’m really way too busy/lazy to have it any other way!



  1. This is so beautiful! Thank you so much for this post!

  2. GiNa

    I’m wanting to try Chat Books for some time now. I’d love to do the 60 image service but I also have a few vacation pictures I’d like specifically in one book. I’m like you… I have a professional camera but 90% of my family pics come from my phone since the quality has improved sommuchvabd its convenient. Is that possible? Also, do you have two Instagram accounts? If so, how do you manage? Thanks so much!!!!!

    • Jen

      Hi! You can make chatbooks as big as you want – doesn’t have to just be the instagram service. The first book I made with them was 200 pages I think – if you’re using iphone photos – it’s really easy if all the photos you want to put in the book are already in one album on your phone. However, for nicer family albums with photos I take using my professional camera, I use Artifact Uprising. I only have 1 instagram account. Try just downloading the app – I think it’s free – and poke around a little. It doesn’t have to be instagram photos. 🙂

      • Gina

        Thanks so much for taking the time to reply!!!

  3. Alex

    I also use a private photostream on my iPhone for all my favorite pictures. But noticed in chatbooks it doesn’t have the option to pull photos directly from my iCloud album. How did you make your chatbook from your photo stream? Thanks!

    • Jen

      Hi! It used to be that when I clicked “custom book” from the chatbooks app on my phone, when I clicked “photos” my stream was listed as an option. But just now I looked so I could explain it to you and now my stream is not an option. Not sure why… And I’m pretty sad about it. 🙁

      • Alex

        🙁 okay hopefully they bring it back as an option! Thank you so much for taking time to look in to that!

      • Kim

        I came here looking for the same thing! I really want my photostream in a book, but see no “easy” way to do it! AHHHHH!

        • Jen

          It used to be SO easy. I’ll email them – maybe it just needs to catch up to the latest iphone updates or something..