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I’m Jen Lauren Grant, a photographer living in Los Angeles with my husband, daughter, dog, cat, and another baby on the way! I started S+D as a creative outlet and a place to celebrate parenthood as well as to chronicle my family’s growth and adventures. The idea came to me when my daughter was 2 months old and I was looking for some way to keep myself inspired. I thought that by coming up with recipes, projects, and activities, I would (at least occasionally) cook, put on “real” clothes, and actually execute some of the fun, crafty ideas that pop into my head!

A little bit about me: I moved around a lot growing up. When I was 18, I moved to New York City and was an actress. And even though I don’t act anymore, I’m still really proud to be part of this amazing little theater company – LAByrinth. I moved to LA when I was 24, and met my soon-to-be husband not too long after. We met working in a bar, which is ironic since neither of us drink. I quit acting, I started taking photos, and a couple years later, I was lucky enough to call photography my full-time job. We’re about to have babies who will only be 11 months apart and even though people think we’re crazy, we think it’s going to be the most fun ever having little “Irish twins”!

A little bit about Rodney: He’s the best. The. Best.

A little bit about Emma: She loves avocado, me singing off-key showtunes, and ceiling fans.

*photo by megan guerrero