Neon + Succulent Party Favors


Hi guys! For my first post over here at S+D I figured I’d start with these pretty succulent favors I made for my baby shower last February (it was featured here and here and you can see my original post here)! A lot of people really loved them and were emailing me for more details, so here’s the deal (they’re SO fun and simple!):


_ mini terra cotta pots (I used these)

_ gold spray paint (I used this)

_ mini succulents

_ neon pink aquarium gravel (found here)

_ potting soil (like this)

_ tape – used to cover the hole on the bottom of the pot since I didn’t want to use the little saucers that these pots were meant to sit on

Assemble + enjoy! You only need enough rocks on the top to hide the soil. Also, don’t over-water your succulents, they hate that.