photo by Heather Kincaid

In honor of Mother’s Day this weekend here are some links to things around the interwebs celebrating motherhood… Because I love my mom to pieces and I love being a mom more than anything and everyday I come across another mother out there who is nothing short of inspirational.

This story here brought me to tears – the good kind. It’s beautiful and talks about becoming a mother in several different ways.

My talented friend Megan wrote a beautiful piece about her mother called “Aging Gracefully” and took gorgeous photographs that have been published in The Village Magazine, Issue 2. Check out their website and blog and maybe do like I did and order your own lovely copy. The Village is “…a quarterly parenting publication dedicated to bringing back sisterhood, love, support, friendship, inspiration, kinship, and joy to your everyday. It is filled to the brim with inspiring interviews, delicious recipes, heartwarming essays & poems written by mothers from across the globe and all walks of life and so much more.” It reminds me of Kinfolk, but geared just towards moms. What more could I want in a magazine? Nothing.

I’ve been following this adoption story for a little while now and they have this wonderful etsy shop where all proceeds go towards helping them bring their son home.

So, it’s pricey, but how amazing is this Mother’s Day Gift Box???!! I want one so bad and I haven’t even read what all comes in it yet. I found it on 100 Layer Cakelet, where they had a few other ideas as well…. Ugh, I just looked at it again. I want it.




Photo by The Stork and The Beanstalk

How adorable are these little girls and their little outfits!!?? Just in time for Valentine’s Day and inspired by my friend Tori’s daughter, Lucca Valentine, Shop Sweet Threads is selling a limited edition line of girls clothes called Lucca Valentine for PAUSH!

I’ve seen this floating around Pinterest for a couple years now and I think it’s adorable and I’m totally going to steal it once Emma can read! You can get your own love letter mailbox here.


Make this delicious cake! I baked this a couple years ago and keep going back to it!

Feel extra pretty in this.

Bathe in this!

And enjoy Valentine’s Day! xo

HELLO 2015


new year’s eve party 1956, photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt

I hope everyone had happy holidays. I’ve been so busy over here – I had my parents staying with us and my sister and brother-in-law visiting as well. We hosted our 2nd Christmas here at our house. And our first Christmas with a little baby. We found out we’ll be having a baby boy this March. And in the past 2 weeks while all that has been going on, I’ve shot 2 weddings, 1 newborn shoot, and an out-of-town elopement. So, I haven’t had much time to blog (and I couldn’t get to my computer as my office is also our guest room). So with Emma napping at the moment, this is the first chance I’ve really had to reflect on the new year and what my thoughts are for 2015.

I don’t make resolutions, but I wanted to put out there to The Universe a list of things I’m excited about as well as hopes I have for this coming year.

– welcoming our baby boy into the world and figuring out how to be a family of 4 when we’re just barely getting the hang of being a family of 3

– watching Emma continue to grow and learn new things and become a big sister

– re-decorating our bedroom (I’ve already bought everything, now we just need to deal with the flooring and painting and then I can put it all together!!)

– taking our first family trip in a plane (with 2 babies under the age of 2 – scary) across the country to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary on the island where we got married

– getting back in shape and fitting into (fingers crossed) most of my old clothes. I’ve pretty much been pregnant for 2 straight years and it shows. I’m beyond eager to look “normal” again and not be shocked when I see photos of myself. I think about juice cleanses on a daily basis. I also think about sushi.

– continuing to grow this blog and my business

– working on not stressing unnecessarily. I’ve learned this year with Emma that I just can’t get things done when I want anymore – I might be dying to respond to an email or edit some photos, but she might have other plans and I need to be ok with that. My work always gets done – I need to just not freak out on the inside when it’s not exactly when I’d like to be doing it.

– finding healthy ways to unwind and get some alone time. I know some moms who have 1 cigarette at the end of the night or a glass of wine, but since I don’t drink or smoke, I find myself either just stressed or eating lots of desserts – which has never really been my thing. Tonight was actually pretty nice and I’d recommend it – I took a hot bath while eating an ice cream bar and could hear my husband in the next room reading Emma a bedtime story. It was nice, like I said, but ultimately won’t really fit in with my post-pregnancy, post-juice cleanse, back-in-my-old-jeans plans. I’m open to suggestions!

I think that’s all I’ve got. 2015 is going to be a big and exciting year with lots of changes, lots of awesome new clients, and lots to be grateful for.



best-online-kids-boutiques TUTUDUMONDE








With Small Business Saturday happening this week and Christmas just around the corner, I was feeling really inspired to put all my favorite online children’s boutiques in one place (instead of left as a series of notes scribbled in my planner and screenshots on my phone). The internet being as vast as it is, I’m sure I’m missing a bunch – so if you know of any really amazing shops that aren’t included, please let me know in the comments! I hope you guys find this as useful as I do!

More great shops to love after the jump…. (more…)


fall date night

Fall bucket list item #5

I’m a huge homebody and even before having Emma, I enjoyed planning a little date night at home. But, now with Emma, it’s definitely the best option. The last time we went out on an actual date, it didn’t go so well. My amazing sister was watching her, but it was the first time someone who isn’t us put her to bed and luckily we got home just a few minutes later because Emma was sobbing hysterically – the, biggest, saddest, “where’s my family!” tears you’ve ever seen and my sister was completely traumatized by how upset her beloved niece was on her watch. It took an hour to calm Emma back down and Kristen is still upset. Sooooooo…. a date night at home sounds perfect for everybody!

Here are my ingredients for a perfect, cozy, Fall date-night in the living room:

1. Get dressed up. This is the main point of date night at home in my book. On a normal day, I feel pretty disheveled – hair in a messy bun because Emma will grab and pull it otherwise, clothes that I don’t mind getting dirty and can throw in the wash a million times, little to no makeup – you get it. It’s not pretty. And I want my husband to see me looking pretty at least once in awhile! So, I’d want to do my hair, put on makeup, and wear a dress that’s cute, but still perfectly comfortable for curling up on the couch. Which brings me to this little Rachel Pally number. It’s perfect.

(Side note: I’m obsessed with caftans – they’re really all I ever want to wear for the rest of my life – so you’ll probably see a bunch of them featured on here. Especially since I just had a baby 7 months ago and I’m going to have another baby in 4 months. But, regardless, even before I got pregnant with Emma, I preferred my clothes on the baggier side – my spirit animal is an Olsen twin – and even though my most fashionable friend tried to convince me to buy clothes that “fit”, I just can’t do it!)

2. Set the mood with this Pommes Frites candle in “spruce”. It’s so perfect this time of year & definitely one of my most favorite scented candles I’ve ever purchased. They have another scent called “campfire” that I haven’t tried yet, but that might also be an excellent choice for your November date night in the living room…

3. Make some apple cider because it’s warm and delicious. Obviously.

4. What could be more perfectly Fall and romantic than curling up under this amazing blanket??

Not pictured: Netflix and a delicious dinner being delivered. Because cooking is for date nights before you have kids.




Guys, I just realized that there are only 7 weeks left of my favorite season and I’ve done almost nothing Fall-ish! In Los Angeles where the weather doesn’t change much, you have to sometimes make seasons happen as opposed to letting them happen to you. So, I’ve put together a list of things I’m going to do between now and December 21st. So far, I’ve accomplished one and there’s photographic evidence at the end of the post. Do you have anything you’d add to the list?

1. Make a hearty soup.

2. Make pumpkin muffins.

3. Watch a football game (and actually pay attention) – this time of year, there’s something I love about the sound of a football game on tv, but it’s not something I normally watch – but maybe I could try just this once.

4. Visit a pumpkin patch & petting zoo – DONE & DONE! See below!

5. Warm and comfy date night at home with movies, blankets, and cider!

6. Make some Fall decorations. Make them in time for Thanksgiving.

7. Make homemade apple butter.

8. Make a homemade mulling spice blend and get house smelling yummy!

9. Buy a nice pair of cozy socks or a sweater – wear while watching football game perhaps?

10. Make at least one of the following: pumpkin spice pancakes, berry cobbler, or apple pie.