5 Unnecessary (But Totally Necessary) Items for New Moms and Babies


1. A fancy, delicious-smelling shower gel – because your shower is now your spa/sanctuary/only shot at alone time, so make it count!

2. Cute sweatpants – you are going to spend the first few weeks living in pajamas – so you’ll want to feel as not-gross as possible.

3. Treat yo’self! I bought myself a little “e” ring when Emma was born and I wear it everyday.

4. A beautiful robe like this one or this! Because see #2.

5. You need to relax mama and you can’t leave your house to do it. You maybe can’t even leave your bed. So, try a candle from my favorite candle company?


1. Aden and Anais swaddle blankets. And basically everything else they make. These are the best for swaddling, as well as shading baby from the sun in his or her stoller, as well as a bajillion different uses I haven’t even found yet. Emma became really attached to one of her A+A swaddles early on and if she was crying, just giving it to her to hold would calm her down. Now she sleeps holding it. Plus they get softer and better each time you wash them. Do they make bedsheets for grown ups? Because they should.

2. You know what’s scary when you’re a first time mom? Putting clothes on your baby. They seems so fragile with their floppy little heads. Anything with a really big neckline or that wraps around kimono-style and doesn’t even need to go over the head is a must-have.

3. I’ve never actually used Emma’s changing pad & table – I think it’s awkward changing her sideways & against a wall. Instead, I have tons of these multi-use pads – I keep a little buggy with diapers and wipes nearby and then normally change her on one of these wherever we’re hanging out. Whether it’s on the couch or the floor – I just find it a lot easier than going into another room. Also, at least before baby starts being able to roll away from you, it’s a great idea to have him on a waterproof pad like this because babies like to throw up totally out of the blue. So, protect your stuff!

4. PODSTER!!!! Emma LIVED in this her first few months. You need somewhere to put your baby down & I’ve found this is great for bringing baby with you (as opposed to a swing or something) – you can plop it on the bathroom floor and take a shower, take it to a friend’s house. It’s just a safe little baby nest that she can’t roll out of (until she’s several months old at least).

5. Comotomo bottles. These are really great whether you’re feeding your baby formula or breastmilk. Breastfed babies tend to do really well going back and forth between these and the real thing. Plus, they’re so cute.