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My friend Heather came by the house recently to photograph Emma and I together before Baby #2 is born (I can’t believe I’m due in 2 weeks!) – I posted this little sneak peek to Instagram, so you may have already seen it, but it makes me very happy and I can’t wait to see and share the rest! So crazy that it’s almost 1 year to the day that Rodney and I were taking photos with Emma in my belly!



Yay!! I’m so excited to be sharing this!! Remember this post? Well, it’s done! We gave our bedroom a HUGE makeover!!

However, I’m going to start with this cute photo of Emma and my preggo belly because I’m still a little embarrassed to post “Before” photos of our bedroom so I don’t want to open the post with them. Granted, I took these photos on a particularly messy day (makes the big “After” reveal that much more effective!), but it’s just such a mess. The makeover had kind of already begun, you can see where Rodney was re-doing the closets already.

Over the last few years, I’ve one by one made over each of our rooms… Starting with the public ones – the living room, kitchen, main bathroom, followed by our office/guestroom and Emma’s nursery. We’ve added a 3rd bedroom and bathroom, we’re currently building a guesthouse in the backyard… there’s a lot going on and it all takes time and lots of money. So, our bedroom just remained kind of a disaster. It was the last room that was untouched from before Rodney and I met. You see, he’s very practical – so he got a bunch of furniture in good shape for free from somebody and so it didn’t really matter that it was all way too large for the space or that the giant headboard blocked half the window, making the room feel really dark. There was green carpet because he likes green and it wouldn’t show stains the way white or something lighter would… etc…. There was nothing in the old bedroom that I had purchased. My dad’s like this too – I think it’s just a guy thing – this practicality. Guys, generally, are less likely to spend money on something like, say, a fabulous decorative basket you have nothing to put inside.

Anyways, it’s not something I wanted to spend a lot of money on – especially not right now with another baby on the way – but I didn’t want to live with it any longer either. Plus it was one of my Christmas presents from Rodney that I had “carte blanche” to change anything about the room in any way I wanted and he’d do the work (he’s the best!). My requirements were that it felt bright, happy, yet peaceful and that there be extra storage space (because clutter makes me a crazy person). So, I feel pretty proud of what we accomplished on a really small budget (we spent less than $2K) – we painted, replaced the carpet, replaced the light fixture, tore open and put back together the closets, replaced every single piece of furniture (bed, dresser, and 2 nightstands), got artwork for the walls, throw rugs, bedding, curtains, you name it. Nothing stayed but the tv and Rodney’s guitar.

Ok, here we go… (“Before” pictures after the jump.)

Here’s the “After”….







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It’s been so hard to blog (or do anything else lately) – Emma has started crawling as well as pulling herself up on everything – so my exhausted, hurting, 33 week pregnant body is getting up and down all day chasing her everywhere. She’s fast and curious and gets into everything. I can’t even get an email sent unless she’s napping. It’s fun to see her growing, but since I do run a business, it’s definitely time to get a little help, so I’ve hired a nanny to come by once a week so I can get some serious work done which should leave me a little less stressed and able to enjoy the rest of my time with Emma even more!

She’s also going through some kind of 9 month sleep regression (due to learning lots of new stuff and getting a bunch of teeth all at once) and having a really hard time falling asleep both at night and for naps. There are nights we’ve given up trying and brought her into our bed and watched tv until we all pass out. And she’s not the only one having issues. I’ve had insomnia for a month or so now – my belly’s huge and I can’t get comfortable – I have to get up to use the bathroom constantly throughout the night – so hours will go by and I’ll eventually find myself laying there crying because I’m JUST. SO. TIRED. I forgot just how uncomfortable pregnancy can be.

I got really sick last week and wound up in the hospital with stomach flu. They kept me overnight to monitor baby #2 and to rehydrate me (they gave me 7 or 8 bags of fluids and I was still parched!), I had a fever, and my resting heart rate was really high and no one was totally sure why. And, just so you get an idea how tired I’ve been, in spite of how horrible I felt, I was actually really excited to be at the hospital because even though I was hooked up to all kinds of iv’s and things, I just kept thinking “I”ll be able to sleep!!!!” and I did.

We’ve started our bedroom re-design! Rodney’s been cutting open walls and making our closets bigger. Next comes paint and carpet and new furniture and then I get to get in there and decorate! Rodney has no idea what all I’ve bought – I’m so excited – I’m going to kick him out of the room for a day or two and then get it all set up and do my own little HGTV style reveal for him! Our room is going to be so bright and happy – I seriously cannot wait.

I’m really looking forward to having baby #2 and not being pregnant anymore so I can get a little bit of energy back! I’ll be able to sleep a little more, I’ll be able to move about more easily, and hopefully I’ll be able to blog more often because I won’t be laying on the couch feeling like I’m dying during the hour or two where Emma naps. Laundry will get folded. It’ll be lovely. Or, I’m kidding myself because let’s not forget, I’ll have 2 babies!!! 😉

I hope this post doesn’t sound to complain-y – I just wanted to share what’s been going on and apologize for being a little absent lately. Ultimately, even the “bad days” are good days – we’re so blessed to have Emma and our lives have really never been better. We might be tired or sick, but we also laugh all the time and are filled with amazement and joy as Emma learns new things and explores the world around her. I wouldn’t trade what we have right now for anything.


IT’S A…….

gender reveal party-6

I’m already 30 weeks pregnant, but we wanted to wait until my whole family was here to find out the gender of baby #2. We did the exact same thing last Christmas (almost 1 year to the day) to find out what Emma was going to be and it was so much fun sharing the moment with everybody! We have videos from both gender reveals now too, but I think I’m going to keep those private just for us… But, I will say that I love having it documented and getting to see everyone’s surprise and excitement (except for Emma – she got startled when everyone suddenly reacted and she cried a lot)…

Before cutting the cake, we had everyone pick a colored plate based on what they thought it was going to be. Both times now, most people have guessed “boy” and I’ve guessed “girl”…. Who do you think was right this time?

gender reveal party-2

gender reveal party-1

My mom made a bunch of little tea sandwiches ’cause she’s the best….

gender reveal party-3

Emma wore pink and blue for the occasion (and is showing off her 2 new teeth(!) in this photo)… And was very excited to find out she was going to have…

gender reveal party-4

A BABY BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




The above is a photo I took of Emma at 8 weeks old. Which really seems like it wasn’t that long ago, but she’s already a completely different person. At 8 1/2 months old, she’s crawling everywhere, running around (literally running) in her little baby walker, waving, laughing, talking (mostly babbles, but I think she says “duck”, “MMKAY!” (ok), “mama” and “dada” – although I don’t think she’s connected the words yet to me and Rodney). She’s funny and curious and wants to be part of anything and everything we’re doing. If we’re drinking coffee, she needs her own coffee mug to pretend to drink from or she’ll spend the whole time grabbing at ours. If I’m loading the dishwasher, she needs to be right there, taking things out as I try and put them in. If I’m taking photos, she loves to see the results on the back of the camera. She laughs at videos of herself and also when she sees me brush my teeth. She loves music. If someone on tv starts playing a song, she stops everything she’s doing and turns and watches until it’s over. Sometimes when she’s upset, the only thing that calms her down is me singing songs from Les Mis. She loves peekaboo, smiles easily, and just today started trying to pull herself up on furniture. She holds up her index fingers and talks to them. My mom doesn’t remember a whole lot from when we were babies – and I can imagine that after 30 years of your kids doing other cool stuff – you’d start to forget. Like I used to think I’d always remember the names of all my high school teachers and I can’t name half of them at this point. It makes me so sad to think that I might forget anything Emma has done and I’m so grateful we live in an age of iPhones where we can take videos of every little thing – but still I wish I could freeze time for a while. I know Emma’s going to be an amazing little kid and then adult, and everyone says it just keeps getting better, but I just love Baby Emma so much!



photo by ditte isager for bon appetit

This is my absolute favorite time of year, and with it being Emma’s first Christmas, I’m even more excited than normal. I know she won’t remember anything, but I’m so eager to start up family holiday traditions. I’ve pretty much been looking forward to this my whole life. We’ll do all the things that I grew up with like decorating the tree while watching White Christmas, reading The Grinch, The Night Before Christmas, and the part about Jesus’ birth in The Bible on Christmas Eve, opening up one gift on Christmas Eve (pajamas), cooking a big turkey dinner on Christmas Day, playing games and watching Scrooged…

However, I’m looking for new ideas that I can throw into the mix for our new little family. Here’s what I’ve got so far: baking cookies for Santa from scratch, a Christmas movie marathon night, driving around in our pajamas to see lights, I even got an Elf on a Shelf (although I’m not totally sure how it works or what it is)… When the kids are a little older, I’d like to incorporate some kind of tradition where we put together a basket of toys they don’t use anymore to donate. Am I missing any? I’d love to hear what your family does!

I’m so excited about this new chapter of Christmases as a parent!