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So sorry I’ve been M.I.A! So much has been going on and it’s been a huge adjustment taking care of two little babies – we’re so lucky to still have family in town helping – my parents were here and now my sister is visiting – and I’m beyond grateful for all of them – I really don’t know what we would’ve done these last few weeks without them – if you’re getting ready to have a baby and people offer to come by and help you in any way – say “yes” – I promise you’ll need it!


I was beyond lucky to have my friend Heather come by and take these photos of me and Emma before Steven was born. She’s amazing and I am absolutely in love with every single image!! And we were fortunate because we got them done just in time – Steven was born a week early and just 5 days after this shoot…

jen lauren grant maternity

jen lauren grant maternity photos

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0061 0033 0029 jen lauren grant maternity photos

jen lauren grant maternity photos

This might be my most favorite photo of Emma ever – she’s SO HAPPY!!!

black slip // kimono // lace dress // feather crown // emma’s dress // bracelet



photo via

Calling all Good-at-Hair Girls!

I need help! I’ve never been good at doing my hair. I’m fortunate that it’s naturally wavy and I used to be able to just shower, add some moroccan oil, let it air dry, and it looked fine. Sometimes it even looked really great! But, with a little baby who grabs and pulls it (hard!) anytime it’s down, I’ve worn it up almost everyday for 10 months now. So, I think it’s about time I figured out how to do some easy updos! A messy top knot looks and sounds like it was invented just for me! Totally my style! I love it, it’s messy, it’s easy-going, it’s feminine, but not prissy, it’s casual, it’s my hair soul-mate…. I just can’t quite seem to get it right. I’m not even sure why – I feel like it’s either not messy enough and I look like a sumo wrestler or it’s in the wrong place on my head or something else is weird… I should be able to do this!

Let me know if any of you have a trick or two up your sleeve that might help me!

For inspiration, here are some women rocking the messy top knot way better than I am… Maybe someday soon I can add a photo of myself to this list! Fingers crossed!

messy bun inspiration

image via Happily Grey


image by Diego Zuko via Harper’s Bazaar


Sienna Miller via Glamour

Hmmmm…. maybe what I really want is to be blonde…